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Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls Moving Day
Meg Cabot

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The characters are Allie Finkle, Mary Kay, Allie's brother Mark, Allie's other brother Kevin and Erica is her new neighbor. And her Mom, Dad and Uncle Jay.
The place she was at was her old house, Mary Kay's house and her new house, a Chinese restaurant and her new school. The problem Allie has is that her family wants to move but she doesn't. She is very mad about that. Allie had a rock collection and she didn't want to let them go so she asked her mom what to do. Can I keep my rock collection? Her Mom said no you can only keep one and put the rest in the dump. The solution was she met her new neighbor who was very nice to her. Her name was Erica. Then she got really excited about the move. Her Mom also said if they moved then Allie would get a kitten. This book had a funny part in it where she goes to a Chinese restaurant and there is a little turtle in the front. It's the restaurants pet. Allie thinks it's the turtle they are going to eat in the soup. The turtle soup is on the menu! So one day Allie went there and someone asked to have turtle soup. Allie got really, really scared because she loved that turtle so she grabbed the turtle and ran outside to hide it. Then her Uncle Jay came outside and saw her. She asked her uncle if she could hide the turtle in his house. He said yes. This book was about Allie Finkle.
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